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5 comments on “Welcome…

  1. There are so many, what I call high profile, suicides that, I look for some common connection. The connection may be that as the world is getting ready to tip over (figuratively), folks with the perception to see it coming may suffer some mental trauma prior to the perceived phenomena… It is so tragic and it piques my interest in the worlds that these victims have lived ….I think you will agree that it is unavoidable to consider these events.

    • I absolutely agree. It is normal, healthy even to question, but sadly as you will see, this time…there really is not much to question. Working on the next piece now… :( … it’s all in the details and I have the details..

  2. Nice job… you are great at containing your thoughts in concise form. I remember watching a video of Ruppert as I was awakening to the parallel universe around me…nearly dismissed him at that time. He had no fear of anything and his voice was unwavering in an unedited setting that no one else would find themselves. This may be the wrong place to post …feel free to delete. I sent a link of you to my sister in Boston. Daytripper Diva…

  3. Thank you, Cheri, for your courage and generosity in sharing with us all that you have learned about Mike’s death. I am among the many who tuned our ears to his teaching, and who owe him so much for awakening us to the realities of this world in which we must live, and for encouraging us to strengthen our own individuality in order to maintain our balance in that endeavor.
    After the sock in the gut by the news and the tsunami of sadness which followed, I sat about reviewing Mike’s videos and last broadcast in order to settle the matter of his death for myself .
    Prominent in my thinking was the chapter in Crossing The Rubicon dealing with Mike’s interview with Michael Vreeland. Who could read that and not realize the tremendous pressures and energies directed upon that man? Was Mike enduring a like treatment?
    Next I thought of the possible effects of increased radiation on the West Coast and its unseen, destructive renditions on the human body, which in turn effect a person’s thinking and emotional state.
    I do not believe that suicide was Mike’s intention when his last broadcast of The Lifeboat Hour ended on Sunday, April 13, 2014 for his last words were, “We’ll be back to do this again next week”. He repeated that statement.
    I have never felt or thought that Mike ever misled, misinformed or lied in anything he ever said or wrote.
    So, what occurred after the airing of that last broadcast that was the last straw; more than he could physically or mentally tolerate any longer?
    At this point in my learning the best I can conclude is that Mike’s hand may have pulled the trigger, but it was the intense, unrelenting pressures and energies directed upon him by those who feared him which drove him to that desperate point.
    It seems that those childish ones who control the sold-out mainstream media think that they gain by blocking all publication about Mike’s death. Their ignorance and blindness is pathetic.
    Do the dark ones think that by causing the death of a man that they can kill his truths and teachings? History proves the fallacy of that.

    • I would like to UPDATE everyone that has been following the news/info about Michael C. Ruppert’s death. I am in a unique position at this time to share much with all of you, and I will however, I need a little more time. The amount of information that has been provided to me is extensive and quite detailed as well as graphic.

      I am still in continuous conversations and things are quite fluid. It is my desire to treat this information with the respect it and Mike deserves. I do not want to just put things out there without their proper explanations and/or documentation.

      I have already written two pieces on Mike’s passing (here and here) and had only intended to write one more to make it a three-part series however, that too has changed.

      The information I have acquired is not yet public and needs to be broken down into at least two more pieces and both need to be handled properly for all of the obvious (and maybe some not so obvious) reasons. Because Mike was who he was and did the sort of work he did, the details that I have matter, but the delivery of them matters just as much so, please be patient.

      If Mike were not a “conspiracy theorist” this would all be much easier, but that is not the case and to be mindful and respectful of his close friends and colleagues — as well as Mike’s name and work, it is our job to weed through and NOT propagate BS and be sure that what we do put out there is backed-up (just as Mike would have done) … so, that is what I am doing.

      I believe Mike’s death was in fact a suicide and not any sort of conspiracy as many have already alluded.

      I can say this based on extensive evidence provided to me as well as evidence I myself have acquired.

      I am in continuous contact with the executor of Mike’s current legal Will as well as that of his previous Will, along with his friends and colleagues. I even had the privilege of a brief chat with Rags over the phone …

      … anyhow, I will soon be providing you with all of the detail details to appease you and calm any sense of wrongdoing as well as show you who Mike Ruppert really was…as a man and human being, something we often forget that our “heroes” are.

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